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How to order

Welcome to the internet Labrador DOO store!

To ordered and buy, please register on our website. Click on the SIGN IN in the header of the title page. If you are already registered on our site, sign in with your data, and if you are not, click on the REGISTER. The registration page is going to open. Fill out the fields and click on REGISTER.  Afterwards on your email address will arrive a confirmation message with a link that you need to click to confirm your registration. After log in process you can make your order.

Upon receipt of your order via the site, the employee of our call center will contact you to make a telephone confirmation. Also, to the e-mail you sent us when registering, you will receive confirmation of your order.

After the online order has been made, the Seller is obliged to hand over the goods to the Buyer so that the buyer becomes its owner, while the Buyer undertakes to pay the price stated in the order and take over the goods.

Once the order has been confirmed by the buyer, the order is irrevocable.

The seller is obliged to deliver the ordered products in the correct and legally stipulated deadline.

In the event of any change (price, availability), the seller is obliged to notify the customer when ordering the telephone.

Any changes without changes related to the delivery do not apply to verified orders.

         1.Select the product you want, click Add to cart. The product will be added to your shopping cart.         

         2.After you have added the desired product in the cart, the screen will display information that the product is successfully added to cart. Then you can continue ordering. 

         3.Products that already have been added to the cart will remain there until you complete your order, or remove them from it, so that you can easily return to the search product, add some products in the cart, and then access your cart by clicking on the link which is located Cart in the header (top right) of each page. 

  • When you have finished selecting products and want to confirm your order, please re-view the products you want to order. If any of  the products you want to remove from the basket, click on the link Remove from basket located below the price of the product.

         1. If you check the products you want to buy and want to complete your order, click Confirm Order.

         2. Please select the payment method that you choose products. You have the option of payment:

                  – Delivery of goods – any form of payment in cash on delivery of goods (only cash payment)

                  – Payment slip

         3. Once you have completed all the information, select payment, click to confirm your order, your order is created and sent electronically to the email address you entered when creating.




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