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Terms of use

In accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection, company Univresco d.o.o. Beograd, Labradorshoes informs  their consumers who are buying product via internet web site www.labradorshoes.rs that:

–       That every purchase via internet site www.labradorshoes.rs is performing within registered industrial code of the company Univresco Beograd-Labradorshoes, ADRESA, Identification number: , PIB:

–       That products who are selling via internet site www.labradorshoes.rs has all needed  qualification for regular use those kind of products according to their purpose which is defined in Specification of product.

–       That the conformity of goods to the contract EXCLUSIVE is determined according to the characteristics and purposes of the goods as defined by the respective Specification of product-

–       That selling price is showed with each article

–       That every delivery of products within a price above 6.000,00 RSD on territory of Serbia is free, actually 50 euros within RSD equivalent by the exchange rate of National bank of Serbia at the day of paying on territory of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania.

–       That every purchase of products within special price benefits or within sale runs according to the terms which are published on internet site www.labradorshoes.rs

–       That products which consumer are buying via internet site www.labradorshoes.rs can pay at the moment when delivery arrives as cash payment, or with deposit slip via bank account, as well as via payment cards mentioned on the site in the moments of purchase

–       When consumer makes his order pressing the button CONFIRM takes an obligation to pay for the products that he ordered

–       in cases when size of product doesn’t fit to a consumer, he has all rights to change product for suitable size by the terms who are defined in ONLINE shop for products bought via ONLINE shop – you can find it here www.labradorshoes.rs

–       in cases when consumer doesn’t want to keep product that he ordered, he has right to withdraw  the contract and refund the payment in the amount of payed purchace price, by the terms who are defined in ONLINE shop –  you can find it here www.labradorshoes.rs

–       In case of returning goods and payment refund to the customer who previously was payed with card, partly or completely, no matter what is the reason of returning goods, LABRADOR DOO is obligated to refund payment Exclusively via VISA, EC/MC i Maestro methods of paying, which means that the bank will refund payment to the customer account at the request of the seller. 

–       That for every product ordered via ONLINE shop consumer has rights within bill/delivery note to make warranty right on used product by the terms which are defined in ONLINE shop-  you can find it here www.labradorshoes.rs

–       After receiving your order via site, our call center staff will contact you to make a phone verification. Also, on e-mail address which was sent us when you registering, i.e. make your order, you will receive confirmation e-mail for your order.

–       After the confirmation for online order, the Seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the Buyer so that the Buyer becomes its owner, while the Buyer undertakes to pay the price specified in the Purchase Order and take over the goods.

–       Once the order is confirmed by the buyer, the order is irrevocable.

–       The seller is obligated to deliver the ordered products in the correct and legally stipulated deadline.

–       In case of any change (price, availability), the seller is obligated to notify the customer during the telephone confirmation of the order.

–       Any changes, except  changes related to the delivery, do not apply to verified orders.


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