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How to relieve foot pain

As much as you like high heels, they can be a problem for the feet, knees, hips, lower back and spine. And not only high heels, it can also be some less comfortable shoes, but alas, very nice. The fact is that women have a bad habit of sacrificing comfort for the sake of fashion.

Here are some tips on how to relieve foot pain:

Tip number 1:

Roll a tennis ball under your foot – up and down, from side to side. This will remove tightness and tension from the sole of the sole.

Tip number 2:

Massage the heels and the arch of the sole with ice, two to three times for up to five minutes. This will relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Tip number 3:

Sit and stretch your legs straight in front of you. Wrap a towel around the pads on the sole (the part below the area where the toes join the foot), and then grab the ends with your hands. Pull gently towards you and hold that position for about twenty seconds and repeat three times.

Tip number 4:

Magnesium tablets (you can find them in all pharmacies) will relax stiff, sore muscles and will reduce inflammation and early symptoms of arthritis.

Tip number 5:

Take a “perfect position”. Straighten your shoulders, lengthen your spine and transfer the weight to both legs. Keep your shoulders, hips and knees in the same line, one above the other. Slightly contract your abdominal muscles to support your back, which also serves as a light exercise.

Source: vestionline

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